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It's hard to explain it. Been through it, you name it. The heartache and break and he shamed played that game, but I, couldn't seem to win. I started to think something was wrong with me, till I was finally introduced to happy. I made the greatest discovery of mankind. You define the existence of love, and I found it in you. Searched my whole life through, so rare but so true. The definition of love is you.
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03: PSA from Hell 72 hours After The Massacre [08 Sep 2016|12:16am]
Backdated to 72 hours after the attack

These past few days literally feel like hell. Like we're living in the aftermath of a war zone. And I don't know how much more I can take.

I can't find my sister. Elle is missing. You know, your Student Council President? That girl. Here, a picture for reference.

Unicorn, red hair, green eyes, about 5'7. Last seen in her dorm room with a shit ton of books. Her cell phone was found there, the whole room trashed.

Its been 72 hours, she isn't on any death list or in any hospitals. She didn't run away and go home. She would never leave me. Unlike my coward ex-boyfriend. Yes you read that right. Will Ryder left Mystic Veil and me. Good fucking riddance.

If anyone has seen her PLEASE let me know ASAP. And if anyone else knows someone missing, comment here? Since no one else is taking this seriously, I think we're on our own here. Maybe together we can reunite people who are misplaced.

I have a really bad feeling. Elle would never go this long without contacting me. Never. Even Killian hasn't heard from her.

02: Do you feel like a man? [19 Dec 2012|08:06pm]
Dear Those Fuckers Who Jumped Us,

I hope you're fucking proud of yourself. I hope you feel like a real man. All of your fucking waste of space losers who can't take a motherfucking joke. Hitting a girl, more then once, yeah that's real fucking manly. Here, let me share your masterpiece with the world motherfuckers.

Atleast I can rock a black eye and split lip like a boss. we're not going to talk about the cracked rib I think I have. So can Tosh and Z.

You think beating us up is going to shut us up? Well you have another thing coming. I'm not going to be quiet. My voice is my weapon, and I might not be 'famous' or 'special' or any of those things you you think are so important to be respected. But I have a voice. And no amount of you jumping me or my friends is going to shut me or them up. Did you seriously think I was going to just stand there while you pummeled my friend? You must be stupider then you look.

Yeah I'm angry, but really I feel sorry for you that you think violence was the only answer to your feelings. And it makes me sad and mad that this is probably how you treat the other women in your life who have something to say that you don't like. So here's a song for you. From my split lips to your deaf ears.

Spitefully yours,

Leia Saunders

I see what's going down. )



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WILL RYDER [01 Jun 2012|08:35pm]
Leia knew it was his birthday, because let's face it, she's a fangirl!!! But anyway, she left these outside his door in the afternoon, BEFORE she read his journal. CARD with the following message inside.


Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday is filled with fun and awesome geek out moments. I hope you don't mind I found a few things that reminded me of you and had to give you. And maybe if you don't have plans for your birthday, we could hang out? I can make cupcakes and dinner and we can watch Star Trek or Star Wars, or anything you want after. I mean, if you want to, as it is your birthday, and you probably already made plans and stuff. Oh man, I'm doing that think again where I can't shut up and its in permanant ink this time. So I'm going to stop now, but if you do want to hang out, shoot me a text. Happy birthday handsome!



GIFT GIFT GIFT [Engraved with his name on the inside]

01: Geekery. [19 Mar 2012|01:42am]
I just need to state the obvious again. If you are going to blast an old 90's song and then dance around in your dorm room in your underwear with your roommate, you should probably learn to draw the blinds and curtains. And you would think I or Nat would have learned this in our time here. Especially with our anti-pants rule in the dorm. So for those that got to see that very embarrassing rendition of Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker, I take NO responsibility for Nat's ghetto booty dropping as she rapped Jay-Z's part. NONE. That is all.

Also throwing out a casting call. I need twenty ladies to walk in the comic book club's fashion show with designs by me on friday. I know I had a few girls already volunteer, but sound off here. I need everyone for fittings sometime this week. And if you have an allergy to to latex please let me know. I have two pieces that AREN'T latex.

I've been obsessing over this show, Fashion Star. I think I want in on this. Not that I can see H&M, Macy's or Saks Fifth Avenue buying any of stuff. Unless I made it in something OTHER THEN latex. Either way, this show is fabulous. I love it. ADDICTED.

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00: Geek Is Sexy@ Noir Mystere [06 Feb 2012|04:09am]
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